Update v9

- New Prices in Premium npc and Mapko seller and other npcs
- New balance system (75% compelete we are still working on fixing last parts of it) the new unique feature in that system is that you will deal dmg no matter what there a stable dmg section with bonus dmg of your actual dmg the system look into the MxHp and take a note of all boundaries which make it more balanced and unique
- add new map Forsaken City (Gold Farming) * Monster drop 5-10 1,000 Gold (chance to drop 5-25 1,000 Gold[Bonus]) * Boss drop 500-1000 1,000 Gold (chance to drop 150-500 1,000 Gold[Bonus])
- Meteroites drop 1,000 Gold rather Ghost Bottles (higher chance)
- Legendary tree got new drops (-100 HP rather -50) *10% Chance to drop 1x Tire-1 Box *0.1% Chance to drop 1x Mil Dollar note *1% Chance to drop 1x Tire-2 Box *0.1% Chance to drop 1x Tire-3 Box *0.1% Chance to drop 1x Kal stone *else drop 5-25 1,000 Gold note