Update v12

-> Leveling up was repaired.
-> Mooncakes prices changed.
-> Prices in Mapko NPC changed, now new players can get tier 1-4 easier.
-> Chaos Chest is available now in All in One NPC.
-> T3 prices changed.
-> Balance fix (Class-to-Class dmg, Clerics, Champs) - Clerics and Champs got buffed and removed Slash bug on Clerics Shield.
-> New Rankings on webpage. (Lv, Guild, BP, Votes, Donates)
-> Map Timer added on section Game at header.
-> Adding Quest Zephyr
-> Finished Quest Zephyr - you need 1x Old Sheepskin Scroll to finish it.
-> Finished The Hard Mission - you need 3x Old Sheepskin Scroll to finish it.
-> Changed the prices on the Premium Appareal.

(V12 OLD)
- DW boss was fixed
- Meteorites drop increased by portion
- Soul detector added to potion npc
- New drops in Mobs
- New Map TOMB to farm Reputation
- Newbie Gets 20x Tire-1 Box up to lvl 95 every 5 levels and 1x Tire-3 Box at lvl 100
- Leveling from mobs back easier a bit
- Apparel Bug was fixed
- Tire-4 Box give more Donate Diamond 5-11 and removed APP Random Box and T5 Equipment (so you 99% chance to get a t6 from exchange)
- Auto drop and quiz got more gifts
- Added HP potion to npc
- Glow give 40 States rather 20 States
- All maps now is the same like CA in dmg calculation
- Tomb drop 2-6 Rep now
- Chaos Chest give 2-6 FD
- Ca/Bh cd is 30s rather 45s Chaos Chest new drops
99% Chance T5 & 1% Chance T6
100% Chance 2-6 Free Diamonds
Fixed vip 3 (u must have more than 365 day vip)
Fixed some Premium App that was only 1x now is 2x in Premium app Weapon Exchanger
- Added afk farm in argent city Every 10 mins of afk
1% chance to get 10x tire-1 box
0.1% chance to get 10x tire-2 box
0.01% chance to get 10x kal stone
or get 50x 1k gold note
- Exp from monster is easier now faster leveling up like when it was before the start